May 17, 2022

Score Milk - The Solution for Guilds

Calvin G

The Year of the Guilds

2021 Was the year of Guilds.  Popular Guilds such as Yield Guild Gaming, Good Games Guilds and Merit Circle attracted significant attention as NFTs were finally able to be used to give users the opportuniy to Play to Earn. Players around the world joined guilds as scholars and earned to play games such as Axie Infinity.

Despite the success of Guilds in 2021, the potential problem that guilds were starting to face became clear in late 2021.  There are great limitations to attracting tallented scholars, and traditional gamers were just not interested in Guilds. Beyond that, the Play to Earn games available for Guilds to take part in were very limited.

ScoreMilk is the Solution

Score Milk has positioned itself as the clear solution to the problems facing guilds.   Score Milk reconginzes that Game Developers are not blockchain developers, so Score Milk created a solution to allow any game to be converted into a Web 3.0 game .  Through the use of a Softward Develolpment Kit, monetization through skill-based gaming has become a possibility for gamers, game developers, and guilds.

Expanding Gaming on the Blockchain

There are currently over 400,000 Unity & Unreal games in existence today.  With Score Milk, each and every one of them can be turned into a Blockchain game.  Score Milk will be the gateway between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 games allowing for the rapid expansion of games into the blockchain space.

With over 2 years of Development and a team that features AAA game Developers, Score Milk is far along the path towards becoming the trusted source for gaming solutions for gamers, game developers and guilds.